Friday, May 6, 2011

Big Idea!!

Here was my proposal, basically:

And this is how it turned out, more or less...

I really wanted to put more detail, but I was in a car accident the Tuesday before
it was due, so I didn't get to work on it as much as I'd wanted. :C

I just got some comments about the staging and size/scale, but every seemed to like it;
it did spark some fun conversation. :)

Color Project

Here's the original photo!

It's a still from a 1950's French film called 
Le Ballon Rouge 
(The Red Balloon)

Taking place in rainy Paris, most of the colors are washed
out, save the bright red balloon, and his
balloon-y companions at the end of the film.

Torn paper.
I hadn't really planned on doing orange. It's not my favorite color 
or anything, but I just kind of decided to try it out after staring at my paints 
for a good long while

Would you believe this was my first attempt
at serious painting?
Well, it was... :P
Blue and yellow are my favorite color 
pairing, so this one was a no brainer.

All three!! :)
I was very proud, 'cause I worked really hard on these.

This is one of Sarah's, but if you about Art Student Owl (an internet thing),
you'll get why this is funny...

See, Art Student Owl is basically a picture of an owl smoking a cigarette
with a caption around his picture about some subject art students
can relate too. For instance...

Well, Maggie and I spent the whole night working together and
read a SHIT TON of these to keep ourselves awake.
Sarah's up there says 
"Spend three hours citing work...
Learn to sleep with eyes open."
Which was very appropriate that day because we spent about 4 1/2 hours doing critiques
and I'd only gotten 1 1/2 hours of sleep...  (@_@)

It was a rough day....

(photo courtesy of

Inflatables, kind of...

Sooooo... here we're trying to do one of out giant walls for the tetris/maze game. It worked really well in the studio, but, of course, of course, day of... MUTHA NATURE EFFED IT UP.  >C

And here's what I think turned out to be a jelly fish...

And here are my square tetris pieces that I worked so hard on
just to have them melt in the sun :(

And this is my manatee's twin (yes, I bought two of the
same stuffed animal, knowing I'd have to tear one up).
I named him Martin 
(no relation)

Plastic stuffed animals


This was so cool to figure out how to do!

Mark Making

Usin' random stuff to play with ink! :o

Look what happened to my hands!!! XP


^^^ Jada and I like to go antiquing in downtown Huntsville. Here's a random backside shot of Jada going up some cool stairs 

^^^ And here's one of my better finds. A Petri s7, circa 1960. It only cost me $40 and it was pretty much fully functional. There were some pretty bad light leaks in it though, which caused only, maybe, 1/3 of the film to actually be developable, and it took a LOT of experimenting to figure out how it worked... luckily, some random person on the internet scanned it's instruction manual   into the computer and put it out on the web as a free PDF file. SUPER helpful...! Unfortunately, a week later, I dropped it and now the back won't close. Sad face. :C

Metaphor Project

So, I made this piece a metaphor for my childhood.

I've always been into girly things and when I was young I was basically a little doll. My mom dressed me up all the time, and I loved playing pretend with my fairy princess costumes, sneaking mommy's make-up out of her bathroom with no idea as to what I was doing.

So, this one's for little Emily:

By the way, this is Little Emily (quite the resemblance to the doll, huh?):

Mark Making/Story Line


Monkey Bars

The first rung, right hand. One down, forever to go.  
Second rung, left hand. Third, right again.  Swinging back and forth
How does anyone do this? Hands in line, weight pulling down.
Do I have the strength? Can I make it, do I have the endurance…?
Fourth rung, left hand. Breathe. In and out, in and out…
I can do this. It’s just metal. It’s just line after line of sun soaked, hand worn, silver metal. I can do this. 
I can do this.
Fifth rung, sixth… seventh.
I can do this, I can do this…  eight, ninth… almost there… I can do this!
The finish line is in sight!
Tenth, eleventh… one last reach…! Yes!
I’ve done it!  I’ve done it!!
I have come against this obstacle and defeated it! I have conquered these meaningless bars and used them for my gain. If I can use these lines as my stepping stones, I can use your rules to my advantage. I can draw my own lines, across, though, around yours and I can win!
If I can do this, I can do anything!